Hue gen 2 bridge pairing error

Trying to bind the gen 2 Hue bridge but get a pairing error. I’ve searched the forum but see no specific fix other than use OH 1.8.



It appears to detect the button press but returns this error:

20:42:15.161 [INFO ] [.h.internal.hardware.HueBridge:65 ] - Hue bridge not paired.
20:42:15.164 [INFO ] [.service.AbstractActiveService:169 ] - Hue Refresh Service has been started
20:42:15.164 [INFO ] [.h.internal.hardware.HueBridge:93 ] - Please press the connect button on the Hue bridge. Waiting for pairing for 100 seconds…
20:42:15.165 [DEBUG] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding:97 ] - Start Hue data refresh
20:42:15.180 [WARN ] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding:103 ] - openHAB not authorized to access Hue bridge
20:42:15.189 [DEBUG] [.h.internal.hardware.HueBridge:110 ] - Received pairing response: [{“error”:{“type”:6,“address”:"/username",“description”:“parameter, username, not available”}}]
20:42:25.184 [DEBUG] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding:97 ] - Start Hue data refresh
20:42:25.191 [WARN ] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding:103 ] - openHAB not authorized to access Hue bridge

You should try and use the 1.9.0 snapshot version of the binding:

AFAIK this version has addressed the pairing issues.

Have you seen this thread:

This snapshot did work. Thanks!!