Hue Lamps in Groups and Rooms

Hi everybody!

I found a lot of stuff how i bind my hue lamps in groups over script.

I am new in openhab and i am not that technical genius. What i want is:

  • put my 3 Philips hue Lamps in a group named “Kitchen”
  • want to turn on all three lamps over one switch
  • put that lamp in a room named “kitchen”

my questions:

  • is it possible to do it all over paper ui?
  • if not, how can i access the editor to do this over script?

It would be creat to do it all over paper ui but i do not know how.

thanks for your help!

PaperUI is not intended to be a User’s Interface. It is an Administration Interface. Therefore your “want to turn all three lamps over one switch” is not something PaperUI will support. The “room” concept only applies to Things and only within PaperUI.

You will need to:

  1. Create Items that link to your Hue Things
  2. Create a Group and add your Items to the Group
  3. Create a sitemap or HABPanel UI.
    a. Create a section named "kitchen"
    b. Put the Group on the sitemap or HABPanel using a Color element.

1 and 2 can be done within PaperUI. For 3 you need to follow the docs for sitemaps or habpanel.