Hue light, how to show the ON OFF switch?

I have all controls (color, brightness, and so on) but not the most important ON-OFF command, how to add it in PAPAER UI?

Have a look in the docs:
under demo items you can see how to define the toggle switches

I am using PAPERUI, nothing automatic ?

Please don’t use Paper UI as a common UI, Paper UI is only for configuration. :wink:

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PaperUI is more an interface to add things and bindings. you can control lights from it but you want to define a site map in simple or basic ui (they use the same sitemaps) or in HabPanel :slight_smile: in habPanel it could look like this:


where should i start firt, and how?

Maybe here:

useful, but no Basic Ui here

Mayby this is what you are looking fore:

Followed. In PaperUI I added most of my devices, and works relatively well.

Have no idea how to populate the BasicUI

Oh, I thought there was more in the guide, MK smart house does some good videos, in one of the first ones he configues some sitemap I remember:

I got my first BasicUI, its sooo complicated and long procedure. There is no automatic program that can help doing that?

yes : openHAB generator - design your smart home in no time!

If you are using OpenHabian you need to ssh into your raspberry, with e.g. putty

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… not finished completely yet, but already working:

that’s cool!!

EDIT: it should allow to save, make a backup to restore later