Hue + lightify device ERROR: 500 - Internal Server Error

i connect my openhab 2 installation with the hue bridge 1. Gen.

Every Hue Devices are created as new Things (3 Lamps an 2 Ligthy switch). Now selected one thing an created over the channels new Items. The original Hue lamps works but on the Lightify the notify via toast message:

ERROR: 500 - Internal Server Error

In the serverlog are nothing to see like an eror for the lightify devices

there is my mistake?

I got exactly the same problem as @Newan using a lightify plug on my Hue 1. gen. Plug works with native Hue App on Android. I can add the the thing in openHAB PaperUI, but enabling/linking the channel switch it throws the error.

I am pretty new to openHAB, tried to set log to debug in karaf, but nothing appears regarding hue - even successful commands do not.

openhabian on a RPi3

Last update fixed it for me

Newan, what update you are talking about?!

i updated openhab to 2.1 and now my Lightify plug works normal.
For me Habmin works better then papper.