Hue lost channel after update to openhab 2.2

after the update to openhab 2.2 the brightness channel ist lost.
Have anybody the same problem after the update?

I solved the problem.
at OH 2.1 an dhue binding 2.1
{ channel=“hue:0210:XXXXXXX:1:brightness” } this work

from 2.2 it doesn´t work I changed the argument to color and now it works
{ channel=“hue:0210:XXXXXX:1:color” }


i never had a brightness channel - i do it with :color as well

had no probs from 2.1 to 2.2.

Switch	Light1_Toggle		"Stehlampe"			<stehlampe>		(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:xxxxx:1:color" }
Dimmer	Light1_Dimmer		"Helligkeit"		<sun>			(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:xxxxx:1:color" }
Color	Light1_Color		"Farbe"				<hue>			(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:xxxxx:1:color" }
Dimmer	Light1_ColorTemp	"Farbtemperatur"					(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:xxxxx:1:color_temperature" }
String	Light1_Alert		"Alert"				<alarm>			(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:xxxxx:1:alert" }
Switch	Light1_Effect		"Rainbow"			<hue>			(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:xxxxx:1:effect" }