Hue Motion (CLOSED)

when my hue motion sensor turns lights on/off OH never gets updated and thinks the lights are still off

OH gets updated all day but never at night

My hue motion controlls the lights directly through the hub its not connected to OH yet

Hi, this is working for me. Is there anything logged when the sensor turns on or off the lights? Hue Bridge and sensor on current Firmware?

i have been checking OH logs and cant see any changes

yes everything is running the latest firmware

after more time investigating i can report that this does actually work but sometimes does not strange i habe seemed to notice it happening more at night.

Good to hear. But “lost” updates I’ve got as well. some times the Hub seems to be concerned with itself oder OH is missing changes, I have no clue what is going on then.

It’s not that much of a problem for me at the moment as the hue motion sensor is already doing everything I need with the lights upstairs it would just be nice if OH always realised when there was an update I might try too add the sensor to OH in the future

last update in log

2017-12-29 21:09:36.954 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - BULB5TOMAIN_Brightness changed from 50 to 0

this will not update again until morning works perfect all day

My hue motion day and night settings are day 7:30am to 9:30pm

offtopic: how did you add the motion sensor to OH2? The auto discovery has found all my “hue white” lamps but doesn’t detect the motion sensor. Do I need to create my own “thing”?

He didn’t.

As far as i know the binding can’t handle any sensors or switches, since this Information can not be accessed at the bridge.
I think there were some threads about that topic here.

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The Sensor is only on HUE Bridge … and Openhab only recognized that the Bulb is ON …

In other Words … with this Motion Sensor you can only switch Lights on Hue Bridge.

The Better case is buy a Motion Sensor like Homematic or other Protokoll you have … than you can switch all lights with the Motion Sensor by a Openhab Rule.

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I thought I can integrate the motion sensor to control anything I like and with the flexbility (rules) I need. In deed I am also running a homematic ccu2 on raspberry, but iirc the HM motion sensor are even more expensive. Anyway, will give it a try.

i think you can add the sensor to OH using http im only just starting my system so havent got that up and running

my sensor can only control lights connected to the bridge for now its fine for me apart from the updates getting lost over the night

No … aren’t supported by Binding. (The Sensor communicated directly with the Bulb not via the HUE Bridge. I think thats is the Problem for Adding the Device to the Binding by Developers, there are no Events on the Bridge when the Sensor detects Motion)

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so how does my OH setup know the status of the bulbs when the motion sensor triggers them in the day but nothing after 9pm

Because the Bulb send his Status to Hue Bridge and Openhab read the Hue Bridge

so the bulbs not sending the info to the bridge at night ? the hue app shows e lights have changed just not OH at night

I tested it out. The status of the motion sensor can be retrieved via REST web service (json response). This means, in OH I am blasting the Hue bridge every 3secs from OH to ask for the status of the motion sensor. So OH can detect if the sensor has triggered, but a max lag of 3 secs might occur.

3 seconds is quite a lag

i would be happy if the bridge received update at night

3sec to enable light… in deed. but to trigger the alarm it’s ok :wink:
Right now I have used the Hue app on the phone to control the motion sensors and enable my hue lights. works fine and of course triggers very fast, as openhab is not involved.

are you getting lost updates over night

the lights come on but openhab thinks they are off