Hue not receiving all commands

I just set up my first home automation devices! Two hue Lux lights with the V2 hue bridge.

I set up the openhab binding and all seemed to be working really well hours. Well i just tried to dim my lights and i noticed that once the slider goes anywhere, it jumps back up to the original position it was in. I thought it was just openhab bugginess (open source perks :confused: ) so i restarted the openhab service and it persisted. I rebooted my raspberry pi to be safe but this bugginess is still occurring, if not getting worse.

Half the time i send the bulbs a command, the logger will log that it sent the command out, but the bulbs don’t respond.

Are you using openHAB 1.8.1?

There’s a critical problem with sliders, we’ve reported it and are awaiting a fix.

That seems to describe my problem perfectly. I guess i’ll just deal with the bug until a fix is found.