Hue RGB bulbs 0% dimmer vs brightness?

I have a few RGBW Hue bulbs in the home. And I’m hoping to finally make a permanent switch to OH2. Can anyone confirm when controlling an Philips RGB bulb that when you dim the bulb down to 0% it turns off?

It appears that to turn the bulb off you need to adjust the brightness to 0 and not dimmer?

I can confirm - dimming goes down in steps until it reaches 0 and this turns the bulb off.

That is not what I am seeing though.

On a regular Philips White Lux bulb, yes, dimming to 0% does turn off the bulb.

But for a Color RGB Hue bulb, I have found that dimming to 0% does not turn off the bulb. I need to change the brightness to 0% to have the RGB bulb turn off.

I’m seeing this when visiting the ‘control’ area in the paper UI.

I mainly ask as well as I have been seeing this issue with the Rotini app and the RGB bulbs also turning off when dimmed to 0% and trying to learn where the underlying issue is.

Can anyone else that has an Philips RGB color bulb dim it to 0 to turn it off?

The event log in OH2 is only showing color and color_temperature changes. I assume the temperate is the same as dimmer?

This is my events.log:

2016-07-15 18:30:41.749 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'hue__00178823abfb_2_color' received command INCREASE
2016-07-15 18:30:42.054 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'hue__00178823abfb_2_color' received command INCREASE
2016-07-15 18:30:43.714 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - hue__00178823abfb_2_color changed from 320,64,0 to 320,64,11
2016-07-15 18:30:43.770 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'hue__00178823abfb_2_color' received command DECREASE
2016-07-15 18:30:44.076 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'hue__00178823abfb_2_color' received command DECREASE
2016-07-15 18:30:44.378 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'hue__00178823abfb_2_color' received command DECREASE
2016-07-15 18:30:53.711 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - hue__00178823abfb_2_color changed from 320,64,11 to 320,64,0

You can see that I send INCREASE and DECREASE commands (through Classic UI), i.e. I am dimming it.
Then you can clearly see that it goes to HSB 320,64,0, i.e. B(rightness)=0 and therefore the bulb is off.

So strange.

I have a fresh OH2 install and the Hue binding added. Nothing else.

This is all i see in my logs.

2016-07-15 13:23:58.008 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - hue__00178824e7e9_11_color changed from 90,95,100 to 189,94,100
2016-07-15 13:24:48.022 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - hue__00178824e7e9_11_color changed from 189,94,100 to 68,88,100
2016-07-15 13:26:02.508 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'hue__00178824e7e9_11_color' received command OFF
2016-07-15 13:26:02.508 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - hue__00178824e7e9_11_color changed from 68,88,100 to 68,88,0
2016-07-15 13:26:04.438 [ItemCommandEvent          ] - Item 'hue__00178824e7e9_11_color' received command ON
2016-07-15 13:26:04.438 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - hue__00178824e7e9_11_color changed from 68,88,0 to 68,88,100

In the classic ui, For the bulb all I see is 2 ‘rows’ in the browser, the Color and Color Temperature.

And within the paper ui, if you visit controls there is a ‘Dimmer’ slider for the color bulbs. But setting that to 0 does not turn the bulb off?

All pretty strange. I am in the USA and I had read in the past that I though the zigbee was different in the USA vs Europe? Not that I think that should be making a difference here.

But not once in the log do I see an INCREASE or DECREASE command.


I did get the device to INCREASE and DECREASE. I’m so used to sliders, I didnt’ realize in the classic UI that you need to press and hold an up or down arrow.

So dimming the bulb to 0 seems to work. But the Dimmer ‘slider’ in the Paper UI Controls does not dim a bulb. I’m not sure if that is bug or something else?

What is the “Dimmer” slider? There should be three sliders for hue, saturation, brightness:

Brightness should clearly control the brightness and full left is off.

Sorry for breaking the discussion. Which of the hue bindings are you using? The 0.9.0 Hue or the hue emulation 2.0.0


Right, so I think we have mainly been agreeing all along. But this is how the 'Control’s look in the Paper UI for me.

This is Chrome on Windows 10 Machine. Notice it shows Dimmer? Now, ironically, I can’t get the Paper UI to load with IE on this laptop.

I’m also using the Hue 0.9 Snapshot binding. Not the Hue Emulation.

On a semi side follow-up.

I can not get the Paper UI to load in Internet Explorer on 2 different machines here. So the above pic is from Chrome and shows the “Dimmer” Can anyone that can load in IE or another browser confirm what they see?

I think this is just a labelling issue due to this issue. Simply take the slider as the color temperature slider and this is probably also what it is doing. The brightness slider is clearly the one to use to turn the bulb off.