HUE Smart Button Binding Support


Is it possible to integrate the new “HUE Smart Button” switch with the current HUE binding? I could not find any direct reference in the documentation
In the Apple HomeKit it seems not to work yet.


Please post a request on the github repository.

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It’s not in the docs but it does work


0820 button "Name"    @ "Zone"   [ sensorId="3" ]


Group Hue_CR_Button
"Hue Button"
(Childroom, Items)
DateTime Hue_CR_Button_Last_Updated
"Hue Button letztes Signal [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY, %1$tH:%1$tM]"
{ channel="hue:0820:xxx:button:last_updated" }
Number Hue_CR_Button_Battery_Level
"Hue Button Batteriestand [%d %%]"
    { channel="hue:0820:xxx:button:battery_level" }
Switch Hue_CR_Button_Battery_Low
"Hue Button niedriger Batteriestand"
(Hue_CR_Button, GBatteries)
    { channel="hue:0820:xxx:button:battery_low" }


/ Hue Smart Button Events
// initial (only with 1003) Channel "hue:0820:xxx:button:dimmer_switch_event" triggered 1000.0 
// hold (only with 1003)        Channel "hue:0820:xxx:button:dimmer_switch_event" triggered 1001.0 
// long released                        Channel "hue:0820:xxx:button:dimmer_switch_event" triggered 1003.0
// short press / released       Channel "hue:0820:xxx:button:dimmer_switch_event" triggered 1002.0

rule "Button Hue Short"
Channel "hue:0820:xxx:button:dimmer_switch_event" triggered 1002.0 //short press / released

Where xxx stands for the usual hue identifier (ecb5…)


Then you can do a small change in the docs yourself by clicking the link at the bottom of the page

I know - still have to find the time :sweat_smile:
Got the button just this week…

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Great! It works…

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Nice to hear we have a out-of-the-box support for the Hue Smart Button. Where did you find the values for the events? Try and error? They are not yet listed in the Hue API documentation. At least I did not find them.

In the binding docs is documented how the values look for the dimmer_switch. In combination with the openHAB log messages and a little bit of trial and error and you get the correct values :slight_smile: