Hue smart plug energy monitor


I’m trying to find answers to my following situation. I’m researching for smart power plugs. Im interested in switching them and measure the energy/power usage. I have a Hue bridge and it’s Zigbee 3.0 compatible. I see people successfully pairing Zigbee 3.0 compliant smart plugs. From what I understand in the Hue App you are able to switch those smart plugs on and off but there are no power readings there. But perhaps are those readings in the Hue API? Is the Hue Binding for Openhab able to readout the power usage?

Im hoping someone here has a Zigbee smart plug with power readings paired with Hue bridge…

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Hi Bastian,
since a few days I’m using Shelly SmartPlug S, it allows power switching and measuring. And they use WiFi for communication, you do not need a controller. Also you can disable the (default enabled) Shelly cloud usage. The Shelly Binding works fine for me. So if you like you can have a look at these Smartplugs. It’s not ZigBee but maybee it helps nevertheless :slight_smile:
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Hi Frank,

Thanks for pointing me to Shelly, they have a very nice collection of devices. I have ordered the Shelly Plus 1PM, this is a relays with power measurement.

I do am still very curious about my original question do.

The official hue smart plug is not measuring energy.
In addition (at least in the past) the hue bridge is only supporting zigbee light link and therefore also e.g. thermostats are not working with hue bridge.
I would be surprised if energy measurement is working with the hue bridge (but as I do not own a hue bridge, I have not tested it) and would recommend to use another zigbee controller, e.g. one of the zigbee usb sticks