HUE Switch not updating its status


I have a flush mounted zigbee Busch Jaeger Switch which works perfectly fine in the hue app.
Using the switch item and the switch channel I am even able to control it with openhab:

Switch hueBjKitchenroom_Switch_Color "Kitchen switch" [ "Lighting" ] { channel="hue:0000:0017884e4cbd:4:switch" }

But the problem is that it wont get updated when I change the state from outside of openhab and this happens quite often as I use the switch itself. The strange thing is that it updates in the hue app. So the hue app shows the correct state all the time (regardless where I changed the state). Therefor there might be a bug in the binding as the switch and the hue app seem to work perfectly.

I am using OH 2.1 stable.

Yep its a bug since a while:

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Hmm. It seams that the issue has been fixed, but I still see it happening. Is there any way to get the current version of the binding besides using the jar provided in the comments?

I am still using the jar of the comments, unfortunately this one floats the log. I would assume you would have to build if from source or maybe it is already in the openhab beta builds.