Hue switch to keep settings

This weekend I’ve spent some time testing OH2. The first thing I tried was to access my hue bridge and lamps. I noticed that the only usable channel is the Color channel. The 1.x bindings supported a switch item, color, brightness and temperature. This is very useful, since switch a lamp off and on, will have it remember the last settings (just like with the iOS app).

How can I switch my hue lamps off without losing their settings?

I currently run 1.8.2 so I have sufficient experience with manual configuration.

anyone on this topic?

I don’t have Hue devices, so I’m not sure this will work but try using the “state” channel.

Switch Light { channel=“hue:LCT001:1:bulb1:state” }

You will need to manually define this in your items file. Goodluck

I can switch lights on and off if I define a Switch item on the color channel.

Thanks for the update. I did have my LIFX bulbs working on a switch item with the “state” channel, but it stopped working. A switch on the “color” channel fixed my problem.

I have entered to make Switch and Dimmer items possible for Color channels as well.

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