Hue Tap Binding

Hi all

Is it possible to get events from the HUE Tap devices in openhab, so that I can use them to control scenarios and ignore the bridge for these cases. Or can I do dynamic reprogramming ofthe Tap events in the bridge, depending on current condition (might be possible with http binding)?


I asked Philips multiple times whether they would implement an ‘Event’ API to push internal events to an external system (such as OpenHAB).
Official answer is that it is on their roadmap but they wont disclose any details about their planning (so no useful info… ;))

You can do fancy things with the Bridge API though. Such as define your own ‘dummy’ sensor (see which you could set based on all kinds of events (timer, or tap button press) using the Rules API ( Then I guess you would be able to poll the status of that sensor from OpenHAB.
It won’t be easy though…


Thank you for your answer. It wasn’t what I’ve hoped for but, to be honest, what I’ve expected :frowning:

So I have to build my own solution for this and currently planning to ignore the “not easy” part :wink:
In my idea i will get the state of all bulbs (this was already on my agenda) for certain events like leaving home (and now bulb state changed) and to find out what has happened to the system based on this data. Then it hopefully will be possible to reprogram the Tap switch to implement, for example, an ON/OFF function. The “offical” version as far as I understood yet (use more than one event per switch) doesn’t work very good when you are not using the (one) Tap for switching light on/off.

But I will also have a look at the dummy sensor thing you’ve mentioned


as workaround I’m using the HTTP binding and the Philips API. I have to items that send request to the bridge about the last event happened (each button as a defined fix event number) and when on the Tap device. The Philips bridge sends a JSON type answer so I’m using a JSON transformation.

Maybe it will be possible with the new ZigBee binding. I bought myself the Texas Instruments cc2531emk which can act as a packet sniffer and I was able to receive the packets from the Tap Switch. It seams that they are just broadcast with a unique device id. I think this should be easy to discover them and display them in paper ui. But the binding is not official yet.