Hue Transition Time

Does the Hue binding have any means of setting a specific transition time for a change being sent to the bulb? Looking through the Hue binding documentation I’m surprised not to see any mention of this.

This is an official function of the Hue API and I would love to see it supported. There are many times when setting different lighting scenes in a house that I’d like to see the lights either act immediately or other times where I’d like to have a light change slowly over time instead of the default 3 seconds.

I’m assuming this is likely a product of wedging hue lights in to previously existing OpenHAB/ESH device types, but I thought I’d ask!

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transition time is currently not supported by the binding, but a ticket already exists:

Also note that the transition time would probably be a configuration per light, meaning you cannot use two different transition times on a single light (see also here)

I’m going to throw an idea in here - it’s more conceptual, so applicable for all bindings…

This is a concept that is also required in ZWave, and I’ve also added a similar configuration for some channels. so it’s configurable on a per light basis However, setting this through a configuration option is still a very ‘static’ way of defining thing - you can change it, but not dynamically. It’s probably the best way at the moment - so I’m not knocking it :slight_smile:

What I wonder is if we shouldn’t be able to attach some sort of “properties” to commands, so in rules we can set things like transition time on a rule by rule basis.

Things like transition time could be a ‘system defined’ property so that it’s common for all bindings, but bindings could also set binding specific properties.

It’s just an idea, but I feel that things like this, and also being able to do the same on state changes to support (for example) scenes…

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