Hue value doesn't show

Hi everyone,
I’m using OH1.7.0 with relative bindings.
My goal is to show in sitemap informations on lamp state when
changes occurs.
Follow part of items, rules and sitemap.

Color	Color_4		"Colore Studio"   <colorwheel>	(Luci)		{ hue="4" }
Number	Hue4		"Hue Lamp 4 [%d]"	(Luci)	
Number	Sat4		"Saturazione Lamp 4 [%d %%]"	(Luci)	
Number	Bright4		"Brightness Lamp 4 [%d %%]"		(Luci)	
Dimmer	HueDimmer4	"Brightness [%d %%]"	<slider>	(Luci)		{ hue="4;brightness" }
Dimmer	HueTemp4	"Color Temperature"		<slider>	(Luci)		{ hue="4;colorTemperature" }

rule "hue change"
	Item Color_4 changed
	var HSBType currentState
	currentState = Color_4.state
	var DecimalType hueval = currentState.getHue()
	var PercentType satval = currentState.getSaturation()
	var PercentType brightval = currentState.getBrightness()

Colorpicker item=Color_4  
Slider item=HueDimmer4
Slider item=HueTemp4 			
Text item=Hue4 			
Text item=Sat4 			
Text item=Bright4 			

Commands on Android interface works well and Hue lamp reacts
to changes but Text item=Hue4 always shows Err instead of a
numeric value. Sometime, but rarely, i saw numeric values.
Sat4 and Bright4 text item instead works well and show their values.

Someone can help me with code?
Thanks in advance.


OK… I solved myself.
There was an error in items and openHAB could not show right values
but Err value instead.
DecimalValue for Hue is a float number so item has to change to

Number Hue4 “Hue Lamp 4 [%.1f]” (Luci)