Hue with other devices

I am running an OpenHAB with mainly homebuilt devices (mySensors).
I wanted to add smoke detectors and potentially some bulbs like HUE etc.

Following questions:
a) when buying a HUE starterkit with the bridge, can it also control general ZIGBEE devices and be integrated into OpenHAB? So for example if I buy a smoke detector, can an alarm be handled by OpenHAB?

b) if HUE is just for Philips itself, what would be an “open” bridge to which I could also connect a HUE bulb - or does this always need a HUE bridge?

I mean the invest in a HUE bridge is not huge but I do not want to end with 5 different bridges and protocols and looking for something which is open like OpenHAB.

Thank you!


openHAB does not yet support Zigbee natively. I don’t know if the Hue Hub supports is and openHAB’s integration is such that you can get information through it.

I don’t use Hue so can’t answer your other questions.