Hueemulation service

I’m a beginner and try to setup hue emulation.
I got only a hue bulb to test with. Therefor also no user name from a Hue bridge.
Setup the binding and try to configure the hue emulation.
The emulation stays offline with the “Authentication failed. Remove user name from configuration to generate a new one”.

  • I tried with just a name and removed it afterwards. But it still ask to remove the user name. What can I do?
  • Does the Hue emulation gets its own ip address beside the ip of then openhab?

Thanks for any help

When I disable/enable the Thing the log says “Failed to create new user on the hue bridge”
(CONFIGURATION_ERROR). I’m doing all configuration in Papaer UI. Is there an other place?

Reading and come up with idea: For Hue lights a real HueBridge is necessary. Or in other words it will not work without a physical HueBridge. Correct?

Hue emulation is used so that devices like amazon echo can discover openhab as a hue bridge.

If you want to use hue lights you need either a compatible bridge or zigbee/deconz binding and the corresponding zigbee dongle.

So forget emulation for a moment what is the end goal you are trying to achieve?

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m using a RaspberryPi, Z-Stick GEN5 (Z-Wave Serial Controller) and a Zipato bulb. I can dim, on, off and color the bulb.

The Hue bulb I got from a friend. The goal is to control it like the Z-Wave bulb

To do so without a hub you need some other hardware.

Look at zig bee binding and Dresden binding.

They both have many assorted pieces of hardware similiar to your zwave stick but zigbee.

I use Dresden and conbee ii. The forums have plenty of info on both.

Thanks for the info

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