Hueemulation used with harmony elite can only switch off lights

Dear all,

after uograding to OH2.5 I have an issue with the hueemulation binding and my harmony elite.
Under 2.4 I could switch on and off lights using the hueemulation in order to use the smart home buttons on the elite. However, with 2.5 I only can switch off the lights.

So far I have setup a nginx reverse proxy so that OH is available on port 80 and the harmony finds the hueemulation on port 80 and pairing is done successfully. However, I can only switch off lights.

I have also paired my hue bridge with a “real” hue bulb. This works like a charm. I also added the lights from the hueemulation to my alexa and from the app I can switch on and off the lights.

I come to the conclusion that the hueemulation works with alexa but not with the harmony. Anybody else is facing this issue?

Thanks in advance for any hint.