Hueemulation with openhab 2.5


i am running openhab based on the official docker image on a raspi.
I use the hueemulation-service to integrate my openhab-items into alexa.
Until my update to openhab 2.5 everything was working fine, but after the update i cannot connect them together anymore.

I removed all devices that are configured by openhab in alexa and now i am trying to link them again, but the hueemulation-bridge is not found by my devices.
This is my config:


i also tried to set temporarilyEmulateV1bridge to true but that does not make any difference.

openhab is also avaiable on port 80, as adviced by the hueemulation documentation.
What wonders me is that /description.xml show the following URLBase:


Is that a problem? how can i change that?

And do i need to select Philips Hue V1 or V2 bridge in the alexa app, when i try to connect them?

Hopefully someone has an advice for me :slight_smile:

did you solve it ? same here… this used to work well. i changed some devices and deleted all the devices from alexa to rescan them and now all gone… is alexa broken? or the plugin broken? or did i start doing something wrong?

Sorry, but i don’t remember. After a lot of problems and instability i switched from hueemulation to openhabcloud.

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I experienced the same problem some weeks ago. Alexa does not find any emulated hue device anymore. I could not get ist to work again, so I also switched to openhab-cloud.
Any ideas?

This should be fixed in OH 3 #9164

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