HUSBZB-1 Not showing and not supporting Openhab Rasberrypie


Can anyone help me out with HUSBZB-1 Zigbee/Zwave stick to work with Openhabb Rasbery pie
. Please tll me the steps to be followed.

Ii works fine for me (at least zwave) on a Pi 3B+. If you expect help. we need more information though, including what you have already tried.

Kindly share me the detials how do i connect HUSBZB-1 Nortek stick for Zigbee/Z-wave

I have no idea on your install environment or what instructions you have already tried.
We are here to HELP but you must have put some effort into it.
This is not a support HelpDesk where we come out to your house and fix things.

I too am an OH newbie less than a month?) but have done the research & asked for help where I could not find the answer by searching & trying myself.