Hyperion binding - looking for testers


I’ve written an OH2 binding that interfaces with Hyperion servers/instances and I’m looking for people with Hyperion setups to test it out and provide feedback. Both the current V1 and NG servers are supported.

Discerning individuals may have already noticed that it’s available in the Eclipse IoT marketplace.

You therefore have a few options to install:

  • Install the marketplace addon and then find Hyperion in your list of bindings in PaperUI
  • Download the jar below (it was automatically compiled by the PR tools)
  • Clone/checkout my branch and build yourself

Here are some links you may be interested in:



NB: I no longer have a production V1 server so all development has been done against a V1 server running in a virtual machine.



Very cool, I for now use the TCP binding to talk to hyperion, a real binding would be fine!
Sich I have issues with the latest snapshots a test will have to wait until I have a stable system again.
Tanks for your work!

Oh cool. I too was using the TCP binding, but I found it unreliable. Unfortunately I just moved house, so I need to find all my kit again!

Do you have a list of all working effects for the sitemaps?

Selection item=Effect mappings=['Knight rider' = 'Knight rider', 'Rainbow swirl'='Rainbow swirl', ...... ]

Thanks for your binding :slight_smile:

No, they should all ‘work’ if they are present in your server.

Have you encountered a specific issue with some not working?

Yes some don’t work although they are on the server and have pretty clear naming like “police” and “snake”

Could you list the steps to recreate your issue on the PR please.

It works so far for me with my V1 server, but it also identified my 2 printers as NG servers

Hi @LuFriFri

The bit about the printer surprises me as the mdns framework is being configured to filter out any non-hyperion mdns responses/advertisements. Could you post a screenshot on the PR please.


Sorry, I do not know what you mean by PR, but this is what I find in my paper UI Inbox:

Canon MG5300 series
Hyperion.ng Server

Samsung SCX-4500 Series
Hyperion.ng Server

My Samsung SCX-4500 also shows up:

Thanks for developing hyperion binding. I`m testing binding with my rpi3 osmc player. Hyperion V1.

@LuFriFri @andirs

Sorry I haven’t had time to investigate as to why other devices are showing up as Hyperion servers. I suspect it’s an issue in the mDNS framework but I’d like to be certain before throwing that over the fence to the ESH or jmDNS repo.


I assume by that response it appears to be working OK for you?

no intense use so far but it seems to work

no issues so far - started testing two weeks ago

Also transferring from my hacky build a hyperion-remote command line command way to your binding. Thanks for adding it to the ESH Store for bindings. Wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

Works well with all the effects, priority (re)settings and colors. I am not sure what the brightness channel is about (as it is included in the HSB Color), though.

So I am now using it on a daily basis and - apart from the comments in your PR - there still are some usability issues regarding the ThingState and logging.

@danielwalters86 I see there is no issue tracker enabled in your fork, how can I contribute?

@gersilex I would say if you just wish to leave feedback, then leave a comment on the PR with some details and how to reproduce if possible. If you wish to provide a fix then for my repo and send a PR if you can (not sure if I have to enable anything).

Hi @danielwalters86

I just started to work with Hyperion and found this great binding! thanks!
For me everything is working as it should. Are you still developing it?

Hi @wars - thanks for the positive feedback!

Yes I’m still working on it, though not actively at the moment - its on my to-do list to finish up.

I need to:

  1. Rebase my branch
  2. Address review comments
  3. Check any changes in the Hyperion API