I am a beginner , I need help

Please help me explain the use of eclipse smarthome , thank you very much!

I have encountered many problems when building eclipse smarthome.

Start reading here:

could you be more specific?
I’m a beginner too (started 2 weeks ago) and i had also quite a few problems…
Maybe i can help you…

I think you chaps need to be more specific about what you’re asking for help with.

I have these problems when I created eclipse smarthome.
I don’t know what the role of eclipse smarthome is in openHAB. Can you explain it to me?
thank you very much

sorry, i don’t know, as for Wifi, yes if you have cabled ethernet.
Your computer (ich runs openhab) needs be connected to your network.
But it doens’t need internet to run, altought you will have limitations.
(no Alexa, no weather, nothing that needs a cloud, …)

Thank you very much, I will continue to ask you after the problem, my English is not very good, If there is phrasing mistake, please forgive

It is all here:

For getting help or answers, you should describe more detailed what you want to do/achieve.

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thank you very much ! My computer can’t connect to wifi , so I can’t connect to the device? it is right?

Connect to what device ?

I have the following

but I can’t connect to it

sorry my English is poor

have one Philips Hue Binding

Do you have a running openHAB installation ?
Your Screenshot showed the development environment, not the runtime.

I only have one this running,

What steps did I miss?

You need to install the HUE Binding and follow the instructions how to pair with your HUE Bridge.

I would really encourage you to read the openHAB Beginners doku.

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thank you very much
I will read it carefully.