I cannot believe ZWAVE and FS20 both running - how to proceed from here

So guys I got the busware CUL for FS20 running at the same time together with my Z-WAVE stick - unbelievable :slight_smile:

But I am still lost because I don´t know how to proceed from here.
I am without a sitemap and without rules and cannot recognize what tool is for what, it looks like I could use all tools to reach somehow the same thing - this is confusing and I cannot get a clear picture by just scrolling through the manual or Google… maybe you could give me some hints what to do now.

I am planning to run OpenHAB on an Android tablet and don´t know what is the right UI for this. Generally all UIs are possible to run using Chrome. There are some apps available but these support not all UIs.

  1. What UI do you recommend for running it on a tablet and can be setup by a beginner
    Of course it would be great when I can get the same sitemap when starting it
    remotely (Android phone) or Chrome?
  2. How and what tool to be used to setup a sitemap, there are so many possibilities
    and I don´t understand how do they interact or if they interact?
  3. How and what tool to be used to setup the rules is this dependent on what UI I am

Please one little example from an expert as a starting point:
I was setting up now a very simple example consisting out of:

  • ZWAVE stick (up and running)
  • ZWAVE PIR (up and running) I can see the items configured
  • ZWAVE Switch (up and running) I can see the items configured and can switch it
  • FS 20 wall switch (up and running) I can see and switch it only in Basic UI
    therefore I created a very small sitemap

a. How can I now setup a rule what switchs the FS20 switch and the ZWAVE switch
when motion detected by the PIR?
b. How do I influence that this action will last for e.g. 2 min. for switching an alarm sirene.
I saw that there is a setting in the configuration of the zwave plug should I use this or
better another way?

  1. Either HABPanel or the Android App which uses Sitemaps.

  2. You create a .sitemap file in the conf/sitemaps folder. For an installed OH that will be in /etc/openhab2/sitemaps. See the sitemaps docs for the proper syntax. If you use HABPanel you define the UI from HABPanel itself. If writing sitemaps and/or Rules I recommend the VSCode openHAB extension.

  3. Rules are independent from the UIs. You will then in the conf/rules folder. Again I recommend the VSCode openHAB extension.

The demo config includes both an example sitemap and rules.

Search the forum for Motion Sensor and you will find lots of example rules.

Hi Rich,

when I would use HABPanel, will I get these layout with any remote access, e.g. using Chrome on a Android phone?
Which demo config do you mean, I don´t want to install again in demo mode because then I will loose the current config, right?
How do I start the VSCide extension (I am a beginner)?

Thank you

I’m on my phone and not really able to pay the links.

HABPanal can be configured locally (i.e. just on the phone) or on the server so all clients get the same UI. I don’t use HABPanal so search the forum and the docs for HABPanal on how to do that.

Obviously back up but I’m pretty positive it will just install new stuff and will not remove what you have already done.

Search the docs for VSCode. All the instructions are there.

Hi Rich,

Sorry but I don´t think that I can manage this. No idea how to proceed.
I would prefer to have some simple example for a rule set.
When I am trying to use the tools in HABPanel I don´t see any point what could explain me how to start or how to use these tools for Rules and sitemap.
I cannot find any instruction what could help me here, maybe this is a bit to high for a beginner.
Is there any instruction, manual what really is for beginners?

Thanks for your help

Go through this and tell us at what point you may get stuck:

Forget HABPanel for now and concentrate on things, channels, items and sitemaps. After that go to the rules section.
If all that is working you can go to HABPanel configuration.