I cannot see the logInfo/logDebug/logWarn etc in the Log Viewer

Hello, I have an issue : the logInfo/logDebug/logWarn etc don’t appear in the openHAB Log Viewer (iphost:9001). I did some basic rules like :

rule “Send Command”
Item SwitchButton received command ON
sendCommand(SwitchLight, ON)
logInfo("rule Send Command ", "sent parameter " +receivedCommand)
and nothing appear in the log viewer, I only see that (in my exemple) that the SwitchButton received commend ON, and my SwitchLight item do not received the ON command givent that he is still OFF.

Thanks for your help
By the way, I use openhabian on a raspberry 3B

Did you get any error message in openhab.log when you updated / created the rule ?
In case you do not see any log entry and the state does not change the probability is high that the rule does not contain what you think resp. does the rule exist at all.

E.g. I do not know if receivedCommand is of type string or if it is made a string by concatenating it in the loginfo statement. In case that is not correct your rule will not work - as far as I understand.
This you can try very quick by just removing the +receivedCommand part.

Maybe check using the Console and see what your log settings are configured as?