I can't activate RRD4j Persistence

I’m using OH2 b4 and when I try to install the extension it remains thinking (the install icon) and never ends, if I refresh the page the extension is still uninstalled…
Any idea how to install it with PaperUI or manually?

Thank you

There have been massive changes - to the better - since b4, so you might want to update to the recent snapshot release.


persistence = rrd4j

to /userdata/services/addons.cfg

Thank you for both suggestions… I will first try manually and then I will try a newer/latest version =)

BTW, is there a easy way to move from one version to other without loosing all your personal configuration?

Thank you again!

Unfotunately not. Everything configured through GUI’s will have to be configured again because the storage database has changed from mapdb to jsondb. You can only keep stuff which was configured through text files.