I can't include zigbee devices

I have spent many days trying to set up a Zigbee network but I can’t include any device. I looked for any solution in the forum but I didn’t find any so I come here for help.

  • I’m using the CC2531 dongle with the firmware CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex, like it says in the documentation.
    (COM 7)

  • I have installed Zigbee addon 2.3 through PaperUI

  • I have configure the dongle in PaperUI setting the COM port and baudrate=57600. It shows that it’s online.

When I look for Zigbee devices (inbox->scan->Zigbee binding) and press the network buttom on the device it doesn’t appear in PaperUI. Here is the log:

Thank you.

PS: I can’t see the Zigbee controller in “PaperUI->Control” while I can see the Zwave controller. Do I should see it?