I do not understand WARN in logs "sitemap.internal.SitemapProviderImpl"

Hi, when having a look at openhab.log for another reason I discovered this and I have no idea of it´s meaning:

2019-05-02 11:53:38.885 [WARN ] [sitemap.internal.SitemapProviderImpl] - Filename haus.sitemap does not match the name f19

This is my haus.sitemap:

sitemap f19 label="F19" {
		/*Haus nach Stockwerken*/
	Frame label="Haus" {
		Group item=gDG label="Dachgeschoss" icon="attic"
		Group item=gOG label="Obergeschoss" icon="firstfloor"
		Group item=gEG label="Erdgeschoss" icon="groundfloor"
		Group item=gKG label="Keller" icon="cellar"	
		Group item=gGA label="Garten" icon="garden" 
		Group item=Low_Battery label="Niedrige Batterie" icon="lowbattery"
		Group item=Fenster label="Fenster" icon="window"

I would appriciate if someone can help me with the meaning of this log. THX!

Points to this

It should be

sitemap haus label="F19" {

If the names do not match it can cause problems with refresh in the UI

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