I have done a very dumb thing... with z-wave

Ok, so I downloaded OpenHAB2 and put it on my Raspberry PI 2+ (where my install of my currently running OpenHAB 1.8.0 is running).
I stopped OpenHAB 1.8 and rebooted. After installing OH2, the error I had was that there was a lock on my Z-Stick 2 in /var/lock. I read in a much older post that I had to delete the “LCK…ttyUSB0” file and it would be re-created when I started OH2. So I deleted the file and restarted OH2. Still, with no luck getting OH2 working, I deleted the OH2 folder and rebooted the RasPi. I then started OH1.8 and since then, my z-wave network has never recovered. My log is full of:

cannot retrieve item [z-wave item] for widget org.openhab.model.sitemap.[device type]

So, I did an apt-get purge openhab* to completely remove openhab from my pi (but backing up all of my rules, sitemaps, config files, etc). After my reboot, I did an apt-get install openhab and installed a clean version of OpenHAB 1.8.3. I copied everything back into the appropriate directory and my z-wave network is still not working. I also deleted the “LCK…ttyUSB0” file.

By not working, I mean that on my sitemap, a switch for a light will show it’s on, the /var/log/events.log shows that the command was sent and received, but in the real world, the light is off. In the openhab.log, I get the “cannot retrieve item” error or the “No Command Class found for item”. I did put the z-wave logging statement into the logbook.xml file, but the zwave.log file has not been created yet, even though I have restarted OH several times.

So, if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve run into something like this… try this.

Pick one device as a test case (make it a non-battery operated one for now). Make sure it’s good and broken. (watch the log while you flip it a few times, make sure it generates a no command class message). Now go into habmin, select that device, and then select re-initialize node. Wait a minute or so, then try to use the device again.

Not 100% sure on this, but it helped me with some devices that somehow forgot they had multiple endpoints after a while.