I just lost all my habpanel config .... Why !?

No reboot, no update no file change but today I came home and all my habpanel where weird …so I check the config and realize I only have local config … WHY ?? is there a way the get thing back ?

I try to restart oprnhab but it does nothing

I had the same thing happen to me. My local storage was up to date on one machine, so I saved that local storage to a new panel configuration, but I also have no idea what happened.

I was changing other configuration, adding in a new module for a NetAtmo weather station, but I didn’t update OH2 packages or anything like that, so it was a surprise.

Unfortunately, I had no way to repeat it, so I have no way to really log an issue; It happened, I saved a local config, and it has been back working ever since.

I realise that most of my config wasn’t to hard to recreate but now I made a backup off everything !!

would this be the case ?

Just had the same problem : all configuration including custom panels lost after I changed the IP address and hostname of the computer openhab is running on.
Any chance of rescuing any of these settings ?

Try changing the IP/hostname back to previous state.
Browser’s local storage will keep all your HABPanel data.
After that remember to export your Panel configuration to file.


Then change your hostname again and import your settings here:


@ysc would it make sense to point that in the docs?
openHABian makes it possible to change hostname easily.

Hope that helps.