I modified logging levels using log:set DEBUG ... How to reset to original setting?

After logout and restart it continues with the manual updated logging settings.
I’d like to go back to the default settings.
How do I do that?
Is there a config file where these settings are stored that I can delete or similar?

log:set DEFAULT

See here for a description of the log settings.

Most users set it to: log:set INFO

Great, that looks like what I was looking for,
but I get

Error executing command: Can not unset the ROOT logger

Thanks! I had read that, but seems I missed that DEFAULT setting part.

Seems that needs to be done for each entry individually

Hi Guys,
I did the same ‘mistake’ changing the log level to debug. After changing it back I cannot see log notes regarding changing the rule, sitemap etc. files.

I tried the following log levels in Karaf console
openhab> log:set INFO
openhab> log:set WARN
openhab> log:set DEFAULT

I reboot the system after each try.

What else can I try?

Don’t reboot just give OH a few restarts and see if that helps. If not try stopping OH and cleaning the cache.

To restart OH:
sudo systemctl restart openhab2

Thnaks @H102, Seems cleming cache fixed the issue partially. Now I can see the logs of rules in the Karaf console (log:tail) but I still miss them from the Frontail. My Frontai brings up only the xxhangedEvent-s. I reinstalled the Frontail from the config surface but no change.

What is the trivk to see the same logs in the Fromtatil as in the Karaf console?

Reboots are pointless.

Individually reset all loggers to default (do log:get to see them all).
Or edit the logging definition in /var/lib/openhab2/etc/org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg.

I reset all loggers but no success. Also tried to restore a logging definition file from a backup. The Karaf logger works perfectly but the Frontail not.
What is the trick to see the same logs in the Frontail as in the Karaf console?

Same issue here… can nobody help?

You only executed log:get ? That just shows the current settings.
Or did you also reset all of them which are returned by log:get to the DEFAULT level ?