I need your help to get started!

Could anyone please help me with some Openhab settings (items, sitemap and rules) for a door or window wifi contact?
I now what I ask maybe sounds stupid but I’m very new in openHAB and I couldn’t find an example here on this community!
All I need is to open or close the door via wifi contact.
Any suggestion will be kindly appreciated.
Thank you.

We would need to know more about the specific hardware in order to suggest which approach to take. Make/model of the WiFi contact sensor?

Thanks watou.cause I am a beginner,so what I really need is an example to learn from.And the model of WIFI I use is ESP8266.I don’t know the exactly process of configering the openhab.cfg and the rules.

It looks like there are a few hits to the Google search for integrating the ESP8266 with openHAB. All hits seem to use MQTT as the communication mechanism. Happy explorations!

Its a long and involved thread, but you might find some useful getting started information for a similar setup on this thread where I’ve been helping another new user get up and running.

Rich is right, there are a lot of things you can learn on that topic even if is not related to ESP module. Thanks Rich, still working :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,it is really a good thing for me to learn.