I receive "504 Gateway Timeout" when i access to my dashboard

Good evening.
For three days when I connect to https://myopenhab.org I cannot access the Dashboard and I receive the error "504 Gateway Time-out
nginx / 1.18.0 (Ubuntu) "
I reinstalled the cloud connector, restarted the bundle, but didn’t fix it. The same problem is there with the app.

Locally, everything is ok. My version of OH is 3.2. I have only one item in the sitemap and it worked correctly.

Can you help me?


Just a week ago I had the same error. Locally all is working fine, but when I try to open my dashboard from the myopenhab.org I had the same error

For me a complete rebootp fixed the problem. Maybe just some kind of time-out between Openhab en myopenhab.org ?

I also did a full reboot, of course.
Until Monday morning everything worked perfectly and then …
… mah!

Same thing here. In the past I used to reboot OH3 every night. Several days ago I stopped the restart procedure and since then I got several issues, one of them was the 504 error.
Now it works fine again, after a restart, and I ´ve enabled the nightly reboot again.

Thanx Alex,
but don’t work for me.