I think I lost it :(

I have been migrating and configuring for a almost a week.

Things work, and I do not know why anymore.
Having v1 and v2 bindings hasn’t helped either…

In principle, how does [edit: text based config] work?

To configure openHAB v2 I need:
addons.cfg – apart from anything else to add bindings

Do I still need an openhab.cfg?

I thought all that was in openhab.cfg moved to individual .cfg files named after the binding; e.g. astro:latitude became astro.cfg with an entry of latitude=blah

Is this true for v1 bindings only? Because v2 bindings use Things (no.cfg)?

I do not want to read more docu; just want to validate my thinking.

Reason: All is working; I thought I add the DarkSky weather (instead of the expired Yahoo weather), and read on the forum that the openweathermap binding would work with it.

It doesn’t… (despite following https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/openweathermap/)
… which needs five things: 1. DarkSky account, 2. binding (openweathermap added to addons.cfg), 3. Things definition, 4.
items, 5. sitemap

Any feedback appreciated.

Not necessarily, you can add the binding via the paperUI or addons.cfg




Because the v2 Bindings store their settings in a jsondb

I don’t use this binding, sorry

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I edited my original post to say “text-based config”…

From what I am reading this works in all cases, and is what I am used to.

I understand this part, but is this the only way it works?
I have not configured v2 bindings with PaperUI; why I had the question, whether these need .cfg files too?

As for the openweathermap; it should have been another post, which I have created.

Your things that you have written in text files will update the jsondb for the bindings configs. There are no .cfg files for v2 bindings

Oops… answered the wrong post… :frowning:

Did you do the migration tutorial and are you aware of the configuration recommendations to NOT do everything in text ? Keeping “only doing what I know” is a proper road to ruin.

The way I read this table is:
I can do everything, but auto discovery and z-wave (I have nothing to discover, and have no z-wave devices) --> hence, textual is the way to go.

Did I read this wrong?

Very poetic :slight_smile:

I read a few times that people who are migrating can stick with textual given the familiarity…

From what I can tell after almost a week of ‘migration’ (and continuous improvement) all is working… except I have read so much and consumed the whole docs and settings, that I had to ask very basic questions today (I may be exhausted)…

I set-up my original v1 system in 2015, and after it worked, forgot most of it, because it just ran… :slight_smile:
Now we have v2… and it has been chaos, text, here v2 binding there, needing a .cfg and not, works in PaperUI, works in no ui, in other ui… don’t get me started.
I can say with a high level of confidence that I have configured my system solely on textual config and it works. All of it.

[later edit]

To further expand: I am prepared to migrate to v2 bindings, some I have done… others do not offer the functionality of the v1 binding; and will adopt (most likely when I have to [must] to newer ‘ways of doing thing’, I will.

MQTT is a binding where I find v1 much easier to use, than v2.

No, but it’s a helping hand to v1 users and not the future. Even if you got your stuff working for now you will run into issues, more and more probably over time. MQTTv2 being a first example as that’s actively developed while v1 bindings are no longer.