I want Google home to answer on the same asked device

Has anyone managed to get google home to answer on the same device that was asked?

I have Google home to report data about my solar system, battery storage and power consumption, etc. via
Switch Voice_Robot_Dummy “Powerinfo” [“Switchable”]

and a rule

Item Voice_Robot_Dummy changed to ON
val message=“Consumption is foobar”
say(message, “googletts:deDEWavenetF”, “chromecast:chromecast:843e1a4608693b3ad476d8cd0d4fad48”)

Unfortunately it can only report to a fixed audio group after I said: “Google, Powerinfo ON”

No t yet

I don’t know of a way to determine which device you ask on.

You could setup multiple dummy switches to tell different googles what’s up or you could say them to all your devices.

You could contact google and ask them to add a solar device type with the correct traits that you want.

I got them to change some things because when I asked my celling fan to change speed it replied, “Changing Fan Brightness to 50%”

Hmm, nice. I will, thank you for your answer.