I2C communicaton BME280

Im not a programmer, but I wanna to install some sensor into Openhab.
I installed I2C interface succesfully. I use Raspberry 3, and a latest Openhab. From Raspbian (terminal) i can see I2C poert extrender, and BME280 sensor panel.
But the next step is what, to display, values from port, sensor output?
ShalI I write Python script, (I cant do) or sy can offer a similar written script to do this?
This question is valid for GPIO read/write as well!

What commands to you run to see the extender and sensor panel? Do you have commands to see the sensor readings?

If yes then you can use the Exec binding or executeCommandLine to run those same commands from OH and populate Items with the sensor readings.

… or if you want to do it an easier way:

ESP Easy (via nice web interface) supports BME280 via I2C, communications to openHAB is done via MQTT.

Edit: forget it, I thought you were using an ESP, but that seems not the case :sunglasses:

The “I2C detect” command show the 2 address on rb I2c bus.

Is the ESP can be used under OH?

This binding might work for you. If not, you will have to write some sort of script to interact with the sensors and use Exec binding or executeCommandLine or some other way to publish the sensor readings to OH.

Unfortunately, if you are going to get into the world of DIY electronics like this, you will have to do some coding.

Sure. Easiest way with almost no soldering is a nodemcu or similar board.