iCal binding: Eventfilter in things file not working with textEventValue

How do I define the eventfilter in a .things file in Openhab 3+?

I always get this error


when I do this
textEventValue="Bio", textValueType="REGEX"

or this
textEventValue="Bio", textValueType="TEXT"

in my eventfilter thing.

Whole thing:

Thing  icalendar:eventfilter:feedd0d0 "Tomorrows events" (icalendar:calendar:deadbeef) [ textEventValue="Bio", textValueType="TEXT",  maxEvents=5, datetimeUnit="DAY", datetimeStart=1, datetimeEnd=14, datetimeRound=true, refreshTime=15 ]`

I don’t know if it’s still a problem for you, but I have a Thing like yours, but with an additional parameter


My whole Thing looks like:

Thing  icalendar:eventfilter:bio            "BiomĂĽll"             (icalendar:calendar:abfallkalender) [ maxEvents=1, refreshTime=720, datetimeUnit="DAY", datetimeStart=1, datetimeEnd=31, datetimeRound=true,textEventField="DESCRIPTION", textEventValue="Bioabfall", textValueType="TEXT" ]