iCalendar Binding Garbage Calendar

HI, i just installed OH3 M4 in my test environment and trying to “migrate” some of my CalDav items to iCalendar.

However i’m wandering if the below items can even be archived with iCalendar.
Maybe i overlooked something but how/if i could use a filter like in the below caldav items

my current items are:

DateTime Restmuell "Restmüll [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]" <calendar> (gAbfall) { caldavPersonal="calendar:Muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:START filter-name:'Hausm.+'" }
DateTime Biomuell "Biomüll [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]" <calendar> (gAbfall) { caldavPersonal="calendar:Muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:START filter-name:'Bio.+'" }
DateTime Papiermuell "Papier [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]" <calendar> (gAbfall) { caldavPersonal="calendar:Muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:START filter-name:'Papier.+'" }
DateTime GelberSack "GelberSack [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]" <calendar> (gAbfall) { caldavPersonal="calendar:Muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:START filter-name:'Gelb.+'" }  

Thanks a lot for any help or pointing me in the right direction.


Those are caldav binding configurations which is a 1.x version binding. 1.x version bindings are not supported by OH 3. I don’t know either binding so I can’t say if what that config is doing is possible in the iCalendar binding or not.

But, if you garbage collection occurs on the same day of week every week, you can use Ephemeris to set up a custom trash dayset and then in rules and in OH 3 JSONDB rule conditions (“But only if…”) to see if it’s a trash day or not.

If i understand correctly, you want to see the next beginning of some filtered events. This is possible using iCalendar using a recent build (OH3 Milestone 2 at least! As some bugs were fixed recently the newer the better). You have to build four filters based on one calendar for your usecase.

Hi Michael,
yes you understood right. im currently on mOH3 Milestone 4 so it schould be fine.
Could you point me in the direction where i could read about that filter posibility with iCalendar?


I’m probably going to also have to learn iCalendar for school scheduling, I think instead of filter you are looking for command tags; but I’m not 100% sure.

Filter was introduced a short time ago probably.

You can find some documentation about it on https://next.openhab.org/addons/bindings/icalendar/#configuration-for-eventfilter

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Ah good catch, didn’t realize that I had a different version of the doco loaded; of course also confused myself earlier trying to find Google Cal 1.x while on the next.openhab.org site. So many things to read and so little time. :smiley:

This will hopefully get better after the openHAB 3 release. :slight_smile:

I am experimenting with thos filtered thigns too, but it seems that they are not my best friends yet.
Any working examples are appreaciated if you are trying something out. :slight_smile:

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