iCalendar binding REGEX case insensitive

When I use a icalendar eventfilter I like to use this REGEX

/Holiday|no precondition/i

How can I implement this? The normal “Holiday|no precondition” works but it is case sensitive…


The docs say it’s already case-insensitive.

yes it says in the docs but it isn’t, that is why I ask if I have to “activate” it somehow.

Well I’d consider that a defect you should log.

But did you try your suggested expression? Or any other?

So do you mean this expression

/Holiday|no precondition/i

I couldn’t test since it gave me an error and I think it is not supported that way

Based on the way Java does case insensitive, I’d try (?i)Holiday|no precondition.

thx a lot seems to work this way

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