Icalendar Command Tags


I can’t get the Command Tags to work as explained in the documentation (iCalendar - Bindings | openHAB)

My calendar is online, I have events coming up via the following items:

String   current_event_name        "current event [%s]"                       <calendar> { channel="icalendar:calendar:deadbeef:current_title" }
DateTime current_event_until       "current until [%1$tT, %1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td]" <calendar> { channel="icalendar:calendar:deadbeef:current_end" }
String   next_event_name           "next event [%s]"                          <calendar> { channel="icalendar:calendar:deadbeef:next_title" }
DateTime next_event_at             "next at [%1$tT, %1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td]"       <calendar> { channel="icalendar:calendar:deadbeef:next_start" }
String   first_event_name_tomorrow "first event [%s]"                         <calendar> { channel="icalendar:eventfilter:feedd0d0:result_0#title" }
DateTime first_event_at_tomorrow   "first at [%1$tT, %1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td]"      <calendar> { channel="icalendar:eventfilter:feedd0d0:result_0#begin" }

Here is my test, I create this item :

Switch Vacances                 "Vacances"                              <presence>

and I create the event on a Google calendar account :


In your opinion, what is missing?


Should the item to be ordered be linked to the calendar? If so what would be the syntax?

Solution : [iCalendar] Command Tags not working