Icalendar debugging

Hi, I start using the icalendar binding to control my rollershutters
(Rolotron Dect over the avm binding).
In the evening I used the astro binding to shut down the rollershutter.
That works perfect.
In the morning I use the icaldendar binding. Here the sun rise event is to early.
So I created a new caledar in goolge an add the item to move the rollershutters up
in the morning. Also this works perfect.

Now my question: On wednesday evening I changed the calender setting for Thursday and Friday. Theses are non working days for me, and I would sleep a litle bit longer.
So I changed the two calender items.
What happens ? In the morning the rollershutter goes up to the original time 6:34 and not to the changed time, 8:00.
In the openhab logs I saw the event entries that moves up the RS.
Also at 8 I saw entries, but here nothing happens because they were still up.

So for me it looks that openhab did not change the existing calender event to new one, it has still the old and the new one,
On Friday the same happens.

Is there a way to look what events openhab or the icalender binding has stored?
I set the debug level over the karaf console to Level TRACE, but I saw nothing inside the logs.
Or is there a way to clear entries?
Actually I deleted all calendar entries and restarted OH. After that I created new entries
for the next days and will see what happens.
So any tips could be helpfull
By the way: I’m running OH3.1 M4

Ok, this morning happens nothing.
so I deleted all entries yesterday and created a new calendar entry for this morning. But nothing happens.

Please check whether icalendar is downloading your calendar properly. There seems something to be delayed. Also the dual events seems to be very strange, except your ical-server is defining moved events in a strange way. Or the calendar was refreshed after the rollers have been opened.

Hi, now it is working.
The only way was to remove the binding, restart openhab and install it again.
If it is working properly next morning, I will test it again with changing the events.
I will report then.

The same things happens again.
on Monday the rollershutter goes up normally up
Here you see my calendar entry

During the day I changed the entry for Tuesday to this

And this morning the rollershutter goes up at 6:30,the old time. And then again at the new time.
But in the log it looks that they should go up at the changed time.

At 6:30 the calendar entry in openhab shows

So the event should appear at 6:45, but in reality

At 6:44 in the logs everything looks OK, and the event is sent again

So I’m confused.
The only thing is that the original event was one hour (begin, end time) long. That was the standard setting in the calendar.
The changed event was only 10 minutes. Could this be the problem?
But from openhab the screenshot with the next event looks OK, nothing seen from the old event, and also the debug log shows only the new event.
For me it looks that openhab maybe caches the events…
What I did also, ich changed the entry. So I did not delete it for today and create it newly, I just changed the starttime.

It caches the events only until next download, at least this is how i expect it - but i’m not using Command tags. 10 minutes events should be no problem. Please reproduce this behaviour in a calendar you are willing to share - i’m suspecting a strange event in the caldav. Also there is a known issue (where a good solution is missing) about parallel events and command tags.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for you’re reply.
I will create a calender that you can use to debug.
But unfortunately actually I have not very much time for this, cause of my normal job.

Meanwhile I have a workaround.
If I would move an entry, I delete the old one first,
Wait 15 min, and create then the changed event again.
That works actually for me, because I do not change calendar entries on a daily basis.

I will answer you if I have a calendar that you can use.
Best regards