iCloud binding - getting no 2FA code on my iPhone


i am using the iCloud binding.
At my wifes account, she gets a 2FA request on her phone and i can type the code into the thing setting.
At my account i dont get the 2FA request on my iphone so i cant fill the code at the thing settings.
I just get the following error:

Please provide 2-FA code in thing configuration.

But i get a email on my account, that a device logged in.

Can you tell me, why i dont get the request and what to do now?

Thanks in advance,

Nobody an idea?

Check your Apple ID settings to make sure that 2FA is enabled and how/where it sends the prompts.

Thanks for your reply.
2FA is activated on my account and also works in other cases.
I also get the email notification, that my account was used by another device - just dont get the push notification with the code.
Just got the problem with openhab.

Solved it by deleting the “old” thing (account) and creating a new one.

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