iCloud binding HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR since OH 4.0.3

Hello !

Since my upgrade from openhab 3.4 to 4.0.3 my iCloud binding isn´t working anymore. I couldn´t find any similiar issues so I ´m opening a new topic regarding my problem.

The bridges are online but my two iPhones both show status “Uninitialized” - HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR

‘void org.openhab.core.library.types.DecimalType.(double)’

Two factor authorization is working as my bridge is online and available. Only the phones are having problems at the moment. Any idea how to fix this? Is there maybe a new version available for OH 4.0.3?

OH is running on Raspberry PI 4.

Thanks in advance!

Ok I was able to solve it on my own. I totally forgot that I used a fixed version of the iCloud binding where the .jar file was placed in the folder openhab-sys/addons. I deleted that one, reinstalled the Icloud binding and now everything is working as expected.

Sorry & thanks anyhow :wink: