iCloud Binding : iPhone Location Inaccuracies

I doubt this has anything to do with the binding itself, but just wanted to see. My iPhone has not moved from my desk for over 2 hours. Haven’t even picked it up, if you can believe that. In openHab logs, I can see messages “icloud_device_ff10e1d9_2150ce7_location from X, to Z” and my rule prints out the distanceFrom(Home_Location) as 49.32342342

Is that 49 meters? That is woefully inaccurate. The next location update shows distance changed to 15 meters. Phone still hasn’t moved.

That’s a pretty big margin for error. Simple GPS inaccuracy?

If it is using GPS, indoor accuracy is suspect anyway due to signal issues (assuming your desk is not outdoors on the patio).

That’s what I thought. Still amazing in the giant swings between 13m and 55m.