iCloud binding refresh device data failed (again)

No it doesn’t work and have no error. Only the notification initialising.


Maybe it has something to do with Apple is making two factor authentication MANDATORY for Developers. Maybe the “not working” accounts are registered as developers (f.e. to receive beta releases).

Good to know so it does not seem to be limited to people with 2FA enabled… :frowning_face:

I also have it enabled and I can’t disable it. But as we can see that doesnt change anything.

This site is missing a valid, trusted certificate (net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID).

Did someone do a an update for openhabian? Because I did 8apt updates and maybe that has something to do with it?

I havent. But this really seems like apple has changed something on their side…

Just posting to say that I am also seeing this problem. No 2FA. Posting so i can follow happy to test any bindings with a solution.

same issue here, 2FA activated

Looking at home assistant’s iCloud binding, it is still working (haven’t found anyone reporting outage), and also have several good addition (dynamic device update for example). Should we get ideas from that implementation?

hmm that´s strange, for me i did some updates 6 i think and after that maybe because of the restart it stops working…

Great idea, I briefly scanned the underlying implementation, they use slightly different end-points and there binding does not (seem to) support working around the 2FA like we did now. So it requires a lot of work to implement this :frowning:

https://fmipmobile.icloud.com/fmipservice/device/{some-id}/playSound vs https://fmipmobile.icloud.com/fmipservice/client/web/playSound and also the authentication mechanism seems to have changed.

Yes that happens recently also to a big binding, the harmony hub :frowning:

Yes I also use harmony hub… But they somehow ‘fixed’ this. Apple won’t fix our ‘issue’ :slight_smile:

I also had a look at their config/code.
So basically what they do is ‘faking’ as a client. That’s how they can acquire the 2FA code through the phone, right?
It has one downside, sometimes you have to reenter this code (about every 2 months).

This seems a bigger rework to do… But doesn’t it looks like a more ‘stable’ solution? I know we can’t know this for sure, but if we only have this one option…

It looks like the only solution to me, but indeed whether its for the long or a short period of time no one knows. As long as Apple does not offer an official API things like this will be all we have…

A lot of effort also went into switching to the more future proof API: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/4926

Yes I know it. That’s why I thought this could be the case in this scenario as well. Maybe it will be a good pre-work to look back (mostly in home-assistant forums?) how many times and in which complexity level this API has changed (we can only get estimations here as well…).

Just saw the binding is back on track and seems to be working since this morning.


Well… not working here. And fmip.icloud.com returns:

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

I had to disable and enable the iCloud bridge thing (in PaperUI) to get it working again.

Just bundle:refresh on the openhab-cli

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Is there a way to schedule a bundle:refresh every few days to keep this working?