iCloud Binding stops working without any log entries and showing "initializing"

Dear all

After my upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4 the iCloud binding was initially working and now stopped working. Only showing “initializing” and the items all UNINITIALIZED - BRIDGE_UNINITIALIZED.

I discovered the same for my IKEA Trader binding - any coincidence? But when I restart the Tradfri Hardware its going back to normal.

I’m using the 2.4-stable version.

Set log level to debug but no log entries…

I also wonder how the two factor authentication (which is enabled in my account) should work as the second factor is never asked from me…

Thanks for any help in advance as this is a crucial functionality for me.

Hello, no one able to help me? I’m really struggling here as I heavily rely on this binding and with no error messages its really a fuzz

The issue with icloud has been reported already in quite a few threads in this forum. It appears that something changed on the icloud side of things…no solution yet…but if you search the forum, you will find similar threads and I am sure it will reported here too once a solution becomes available.
If you can, I understand that help is welcome in trying to understand what exactly has changed at the icloud API.

I haven’t recognized that correctly sorry - but as reported there its begun working again today without requiring any changes on my side.