iCloud device data integration in openHAB

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(Paul Miller) #306

Hi Patrik,
At your suggestion I have tried with another binding (i used chromecast
binding) and found the same issue.
Meaning there is a high probability this is a local server issue and NOT an
iCloud binding issue. I will need to investigate what is causing this, fix
and then come back to iCloud when it is working with other bindings.



(Patrik Gfeller) #307

Hi all,

please note that the latest binding build is no longer working with OH 2.1; I´ll have to try with OH 2.2. snapshot. But I assume that the introduction of the “representation-property” as something to do with it …

I´ll update here as soon as I´ve tested it with OH 2.2

with kind regards,

(Patrik Gfeller) #308

… ok; seems to work with OH 2.2 build #1100 (with paper UI); therefore it looks like the binding is not compatible with OH 2.1 anymore due to the use of the “representation-property” (to prevent unwanted inbox entries).

with kind regards,

(Bram) #309

Hi Patrik,

Thanks for this binding, I succesfully tested it on OH2.1 with various iOS devices (2x iPhone 5s, Ipad 3, Ipad pro, Macbook).
Last sunday I uninstalled/installed the binding in PaperUI to obtain the latest version, and unfortunately in OH2.1 it is no longer working, as you mentioned above.
Is it possible to provide a workaround for OH2.1users? At the moment I do not yet want to upgrade to OH2.2, my current setup is working stable.
Where can I find a snapshot of the binding before the ‘representation property’ being included?

Thanks again!

(Poornachandra Tejasvi) #310

even im not able to use in OH2.1, make it usable to 2.1v untill 2.2 is out officially

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #311

There is no need for a separate 2.1 version. You just need a snapshot before @patrik_gfeller implemented the representation property.
@patrik_gfeller could you let the guys know when you did so or lik to the respective snapshot build?

(Philipp) #312

i didnt read the whole thread, sorry for that - its tooo long

i am on OH 2.1

is this binding just for OH 2.2 ? i cant see the iCloud-binding in my PaperUI…

But i’ve implemented the code given in the first thread and it works fine here in 2.1, without any binding needed…
just saying

(Patrik Gfeller) #313

Hi Philipp,

the current version of the binding is only compatible with OH 2.2; and yes - you can achieve the same functionality with rules as well.

The idea is to provide easier access to OH users to the functionality once/if the binding is merged to the repository.

with kind regards,

(Bram) #314

Hi Patrik,

@patrik_gfeller could you help me with a snapshot of the binding before you changed the dependency to OH 2.2. I think it was around 2 weeks ago, however I do not know where I can download a snapshot.

best regards

(pmc) #315

Anyone tried to get this binding with a “application specific password” working? Is this possible at all? Did not work for me so far…

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #316

Quote from the bindings readme :

Please note: Application specific passwords are not supported.

(pmc) #317

Wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil

( ) #318

@patrik_gfeller it might be a good idea to offer one of the older builds for openHAB 2.1 users.

Everyone (@RiotMode @poorna.theju @bram_dirriwachter) don’t worry, the release of the new stable openHAB 2.2 version is around the corner :wink: Just wait.

Btw. here’s a little teaser for what this binding is able to provide:

(Philipp) #319

nice great - how complicated is the update from 2.1 to 2.2 ?

i fear it already :smiley:

( ) #320

The upgrade should be smooth. There will be detailed instructions and notes on breaking changes in configuration or bindings you need to look out for. Exciting times ^^

(Markus Schneider) #321

I have installed the icloud-Binding from paper ui and added my apple id as thing like described in the github example.

If I try to add my phone from the inbox I get an error 409
In the log:

2017-12-10 20:02:17.409 [ERROR] [home.core.thing.binding.ThingFactory] - Thing factory (class org.openhab.binding.icloud.internal.BridgeHandlerFactory) returned null on create thing when it reports to support the thing type (icloud:device).
2017-12-10 20:02:17.412 [WARN ] [g.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Cannot create thing. No binding found that supports creating a thing of type icloud:device.
2017-12-10 20:03:06.673 [DEBUG] [binding.icloud.handler.BridgeHandler] - iCloud bridge refreshing data ...
2017-12-10 20:03:09.400 [DEBUG] [ing.icloud.discovery.DeviceDiscovery] - iCloud device discovery for [iPhone 7 Plus]
2017-12-10 20:03:09.402 [DEBUG] [ing.icloud.discovery.DeviceDiscovery] - Device [xxx] found.

If I add it via the icloud.things I get a thing for my device but it stays offline.
What are my options to resolve this problem?
Thanks for the help

(Patrik Gfeller) #322

@Markus92 What version of OH2 do you use? Did you upgrade to a new version of the binding with a previous configuration in place?

with kind regards,

(Markus Schneider) #323

I use OH2.1 release with the 2.2 icloud binding

the configuration with files works for me now
in the paper ui it is not possible to create or add anything

(Patrik Gfeller) #324

Hi Markus,

sorry for the late reply; I´m quite busy processing the feedback from the code review from the binding :slight_smile: . Unfortunately the binding is only compatible with the upcomming OH 2.2 release; it will not work properly with OH 2.1 anymore.

(Patrik Gfeller) #325

A short update to all: The code review for the binding is in process and I hope it will make it into the OH 2.2 release. Thanks to all who helped with testing. Some important information: The release version of the binding is a “reduced to the max” version, that does not support address lookup anymore. This funcionality was considered not specific to the binding and might be implemented later in a more generic way to make it available for all coordinates.

Also the “refresh” mechanism will use the standard OH refresh; thus the specific channel will be gone. But a refresh can be triggered by sending a refresh command to a device channel.

with kind regards,