iCloud initial configuration

Sorry guys,

anyone using iCloud binding here? What are the right steps to configure properly?

I didn’t find a way to configure the Binding via PaperUI, so I presume I need to create a bridge manually.

Please let me know, I’m a bit confused.


Hi Andrea,

Please have a look at the iCloud Binding docs.

There´s a thing in the PaperUI called iCloud Account that can be configured with your account data.

But you need to create the Bridge manually, right?

I didn’t see this iCloud Account in PaperUI before creating manually a icloud.things

Any missing from my side?

I´m only working with .things files and almost nothing in the PaperUI.
It should have the iCloud Account in the PaperUI inbox after installing/starting the binding.

I confirm you need to create manually a bridge … I don’t see any other option.


this is also good, if you have multiple accounts (you, your wife, your children, …) you can create multiple bridges

I created a new account, added him to the family share and used this for my bridge.
This account is not allowed to buy anything and therefore i´m not so concerned about the password stored in openHAB.

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Quite strange here …

  1. I’ve created a child account (so I can control everything) and associated with iCloud Binding

  2. Now I see all devices twice in my inBox in PaperUI

  3. I’ve always a strange issue … one device is not discoverable even if is present in the list of my devices in iCloud


This could be caused by your first attempt before the child account.
First try to restart your openHAB service or your hardware.
If that doesn´t help try to clean the cache with:

sudo service openhab2 stop
// wait a moment for openhHAB to stop
sudo openhab-cli clean-cache
sudo service openhab2 start

Did you checked the log?
Have a look at the logs from http://<your-oH-IP>:9001 and may add a filter for iCloud

with clearing the cache I’ve solve the issue with duplicated devices … but the wrong device is still there. I see a Mac (offline) and not another Mac that is online and perfectly visible in the list when I check in icloud.com


edit: the only difference is the mac online can’t activate “find my Mac” because missing the recovery partition (not avaiable when you create a raid solution)

I‘m sorry but i don‘t have any ideas how to resolve this.

Another question: did you register also Mac/MacBook/Mac Mini or other hw different from iphone?

No i‘m only using the binding for my iPhones.