iCloud iPhone conection possible?

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(Lars Weitzenkamp ) #1


I am looking for a Binding to Ping My IPhone. I want to Youse ICloud and Not the Phonenumber.
Is there a binding or something else for OpenHAB?

(Elias H.) #2

http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/network/readme.html ?
Oh wait you want to ping it via. Internet ? via. ICloud?

(Christoph) #3

Have a look: iCloud device data integration in openHAB

(Lars Weitzenkamp ) #4

Not Network, i want do it with Apple ICloud Find My IPhone. In IoBroker is a Binding for this Job but in OpenHAB i don‘t find something.
@Syn: I don‘t want to have the Data, i want to Find them with the Ping (phone lost) funktion.

(Patrick) #5

Check this out: