Icons depending on items state

I have problem with status based icons:
I would like to change the icons of the moon according to its state.
From the weather binding I use:
String Weather_Moon_Phase_Name "Mondphase [MAP(moon.map):%s]" <moon> (G_Wetter) { astro="planet=moon, type=phase, property=name" }

The item’s states are:
Waxing\u0020Crescent=zunehmender Halbmond
First\u0020Quarter=erstes Viertel
Waxing\u0020Gibbous=zunehmender Mond
Waning\u0020Gibbous=abnehmender Mond
Third\u0020Quarter=letztes Viertel
Waning\u0020Crescent=abnehmender Halbmond

So that means e.g. between “Waning” and “Gibbous” there is a space (\u0020) which I cannot represent by an according icon’s name (e.g. moon-Waning\u0020Gibbous.png or similar.

Any suggestion how to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried using a space in the icon name instead of the escaped (e.g “Waning Gibbous.png”? Beyond that I can only recommend a rule or something to convert the state to something without a space.

Thanks @rlkoshak,
I think, I tried that already, but you never know :wink: - maybe it’s too long ago.
So I will play around with it again.
The rule approach is a good workaround, but maybe a little over-engineered for such a minor problem.
Obviously I run out of ideas how to improve the feature set of OH - that’s possibly why I focus on these kind of topics :wink:
Thanks again.

Its only over engineered if there is no other solution.