IconServlet - Failed sending the icon byte stream as a response: null

Running OH 3.3 on Openhabian / Raspberry
Error occurs when using iOS app with sitemap

This is a new issue I have started experiencing / seeing in the logs since OH3.3. I did not make any changes to sitemap / icons that could have caused this. The issue occurs when accessing sitemap in same network as OH instance, ie has nothing to do with eg myopenhab.org.

2022-08-15 20:09:31.387 [ERROR] [ab.core.ui.icon.internal.IconServlet] - Failed sending the icon byte stream as a response: null
2022-08-15 20:09:31.390 [WARN ] [org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel] - /icon/autarky
java.lang.IllegalStateException: ABORTED
	at org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannelState.sendError(HttpChannelState.java:915) ~[?:?]

I have a pretty large sitemap with plenty of sub and sub-sub-pages. Some of the pages have 25 items and 3 or so charts. The error tends to occur when I move quickly back and forth between different pages.
As a general observation, the combination of the new iOS app plus OH3.3 seems to struggle with icons, many of them load slowly or late, and when I scroll down the page and then up again, the icons at the top that had been loaded already have disappeared again and take some time to re-appear (as if the app cache was not working properly).

My impression is that the issue started with OH 3.3 (which I only installed a few days ago), and not with the updated iOS app. At least the error message in the log I had never seen before with OH3.2…

So far it has been a dozen or so icon names that have popped up. No obvious pattern, though. I initially thought it might have to do with those icons (png) being relatively large (512x512), so I scaled them down to 64x64, cleared the cache on the app, but the error keeps on occurring on those same icons.

Any ideas?

+1 : running 0H3.3 on Windows and getting same behavior that spams my logs.
On my side, it seems to happen while a on sitemap page with only 6 visible items. The issue happens when the value of item used for visibility changes rapidly.
in my case, when Kodi moves from one media track to the next, the state of item UI_AV_mRDC_Salon_kodi changes from old_playing track to UNDEF and again to new_playing track.

Selection item=UI_AV_mRDC_Salon_kodi label="Lecteur Kodi" mappings=[0="Off",10="On"]  visibility=[UI_AV_mRDC_Salon_kodi!=10]
Group item=UI_AV_mRDC_Salon_kodi_nowplaying label="Kodi" visibility=[UI_AV_mRDC_Salon_kodi==10] { ... }

Yes, I noticed that as well; I have a Setpoint item and when I try to lower a temperature by multiple degrees by clicking on it repeatedly the iOS app seems to reload the icon on every single degree change, and afterwards I found the icon byte stream error in the logs.

I also found there is a bug report on Github for this; not a lot of activity so far, though.

Just wanted to give an update: this issues seems to have disappeared from my system after increasing the heap space of my OH installation, as eg described here:

I am running OH on a Rapberry Pi 4 with 4GB, and so increasing max heap space like this
EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx1024m"
was not a problem and appears to have solved this (and some other) issues.